Dr. Yukio Goto: “Rebound activity: The tool to restore and maintain health.”

During his days as the head of neurology department at Fukui Hospital, Dr. Goto pioneered the use of rebound to treat severe trauma cases.

Pioneer attempt: Rebound therapy was used to treat severe trauma cases.

From empirical observation to data analysis.

A trauma case study: Example of an amazing recovery.

The treatment: Bouncing and live music

Day after day… until the recovery.

Takuya being prepped for a new monitoring session

Dr. Goto and his team with Takuya

10 years after the accident, rebound sessions are still monitored

Takuya in front of some of his paintings with Dr. Goto (right) and Mr. Ikegami (left)

Takuya has been a strong supporter of the rebound therapy, which is used in various circumstances in Japan

After leaving the hospital duties, Dr. Goto engaged in research to understand the impact of rebound and music on the human brain.

His studies led him to work with elderly people. The findings were amazing but also produced great benefits for the volunteers’ part of the experiment: Better living conditions, increased physical abilities, improvement of their mental capacities.

A typical exercise and monitoring session

The data collected are physical as Dr. Goto witnesses all sessions and take notes to compare progress. He also films and records all exercises to match the data. Participants wear sensors to monitor their heart beats and tensions.

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