Health Bounce Pod™ XL / BPod™ XL

Health Bounce PodTM XL / BPodTM XL is an extended version of Health Bounce PodTM / BPodTM. Holding the same quality as Health Bounce PodTM / BPodTM, XL version is also suitable for users in wheelchairs, includes special straps & springs to hold the wheelchair securely.

Sitting on a wheelchair or standing, the benefits of rebounding can be enjoyed and truly experienced.

By using a mobile hoist, a wheelchair ramp, an electrical platform or other similar devices, wheelchair users can go on / off the Health Bounce PodTM XL / BPodTM XL comfortably and safely.

Here is a demo of going on / off the Health Bounce PodTM XL / BPodTM XL by using a wheelchair ramp:

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