Energy Mat

Combines the benefits of 2 health
practices into 1 daily use!

The Energy Mat allows users to stand for a long period of time and without stress on the body.

User can rest at any time, thanks to the build in adjustable swivel seat (optional).

The symmetrical and sturdy construction provide perfect balance and rebound absorption effect.

The Energy Mat absorbs more than 75% of the body mass of the user, reducing stress and load on joints and articulations.

This is why you will feel good at the end of the day in the office:

Using a standing desk:

1. Lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity.
2. May lower blood sugar levels.
3. May lower the risk of heart disease.
4. Appears to reduce back pain.
5. Helps improve mood.
6. May boost productivity.
7. Increase energy levels.

Practicing rebounding:

1. Boosts lymphatic drainage and immune function.
2. Reinforce bone density and strengthen skeleton.
3. Helps improve digestion.
4. Decreases all stress on joints and articulations when standing and exercising.
5. Increases endurance on cellular level by stimulating mitochondrial production.
6. Improves balance by stimulation the vestibule in the middle ear.
7. Helps circulate oxygen through the body to increase energy.
8. Improves muscle tone.

Optional seat features:

The seat swings out of the way easily.

The seat adjustment allows for a comfortable position.

The seat unit can be fully removed.

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