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Bouncing on Active Fun Trampoline is great fun for people in any age. Active Fun Trampoline is your best choice, it is sturdy, safe and durable. We offer wonderful Recreational Trampolines, Health Bounce Pod and Health Bounce Pod XL.

A complete program of health exercises, developed for elderly and using Health Bounce Pods / Care Trampolines, is being successfully run in Japan.
This program shows amazing results on users’ health and well-being, and is now being reproduced in more countries.
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Unique, ingenious, distinctive design created by professionals in the art, manufactured with supreme quality, Active Fun Recreational Trampolines represent safety, durability, steadiness and confidence. Try to compare our products to the others, you will find the difference. If you are looking for extraordinary, superior, exclusive trampolines and rebounders, contact us immediately.

Rebounding is easy and fun, the benefits of rebounding are recognized for decades. Daily rebounding makes you stronger, happier and healthier, prevents illness and disease.

Exercise is the key to mobility, good health and good quality of daily life.

These facts are important to know:

- Lymphatic System
* Toxins accumulate in body by time.
* Lymphatic system removes toxins, dead cells, cancer cells, fats, bacteria, viruses, toxic heavy metals…
* When the circulation slows down –> toxins accumulate in tissue and cells –> cells disorder –> increases illness, speeds up aging.
* Amount of physical activities decreases –> circulation slows down (particularly to disabled people)
* Unlike blood system, lymphatic system does not have a pump (heart in blood system), and relies on physical movements: contraction of muscle and gravity, to open the valves of lymph vessels.
* Rebounding is a combination of these movements. During rebounding, the valves of lymph vessels open and shut.
* Rebounding multiplies the speed of circulation by 15 times maximum.
- Immune System
* Immune system protects organisms from infection.
* When discovering foreign invaders, white blood cells reproduce quickly and alert the production of antibody.
* Antibodies bind to bacterial toxins for destruction.
* When you get older, the production of white blood cells slows down –> the protection of immune system restrained, higher risk to get inflected.
* During rebounding, the change of gravity force stimulates all body cells, that makes the cells stronger; immunocyte (e.g. white blood cells, macrophages) becomes more active by 5 times; enhances the function of red marrow (produce white blood cells).
- Respiratory System
* Lung capacity decreases by 40-50% while getting older.
* Rebounding, like most of the exercises, increases vital capacity.
* Breathing is controlled by thoracic cavity. The volume of thoracic cavity is decided by diaphragm muscle movement.
* Rebounding increases the amount of exercise to the diaphragm muscle –> enlarges the volume of thoracic cavity –> boosts the volume of ventilation.
* By exercising, lung capacity and oxygen level in blood expand.
* 10 minutes of rebounding = 30 minutes of jogging.
- Cardiovascular System
* Rebounding strengthens cardiac muscle: at rest, pulse rate decreases, as the heart pumps higher amount of blood, more efficient.
* Increases blood flow –> cardiac muscle and all body tissues obtain higher level of oxygen and nutrients.
* Like other exercises, rebounding influences blood lipids by improving the proportion of Low Density Lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and High Density Lipoprotein (good cholesterol). Reduces elements causing cardiovascular disease: high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
* Strengthens red marrow, boosts the production of:
~ Red blood cells: balance the demand and supply of oxygen to body tissues.
~ Platelets: stop bleeding
~ White blood cells: defense your body
- Muscle
* Muscles reduce by:
~ 0.5 – 1% annually after age 25
~ 1 – 2% annually after age 50
~ 3% annually after age 60
* Muscle atrophy is a significant sign of aging. It increases the risks of falling, injury, bone fracture. Decreases the qualities of life.
* Immobilization, inactivity cause muscle atrophy.
* Exercises slow down degeneration.
* Weight bearing exercises strengthen muscles. Rebounding is easy, gentle and pleasant. The continual change of gravity: acceleration; no gravity; increase of gravity force, stimulates all muscles of your body.
To handle the increase of gravity force, all your muscles work to maintain balance. A comprehensive way of exercise.
- Bone
* Bone density and mass summit in the age of 30 – 40, decrease gradually afterwards.
In the first 5 years after menopause, women loss bone density by 3 – 6% annually.
–> High risks of bone fracture and osteoporosis.
* No matter your age, exercise is a major role in maintaining bone mass.
* Weight bearing exercises strengthen bones.
* Continual training of weight bearing exercises enhance bone density, even if you are over age 70.
* Rebounding stimulates pituitary gland, secretes growth hormone –> particularly beneficial to the growth of long bones.
* NASA astronauts returning from space use rebounding to regain bone density.
* Rebounding is gentle, low impact to joints and bones.
- Joint
* Elderly people – higher possibility of having arthritis.
* Although people with arthritis may perceive short-term increases in pain when exercise is first initiated, through continued physical activity, there is a long-term reduction of symptoms.
* Joint-friendly exercises, such as rebounding, are recommended for people with arthritis.
* Synovial fluid squeezes out during rebounding, helps ease inflammation of joints.
- Balance & Coordination
* For the elderly, reduce in amount of motor neuron –> decrease of ability of muscle control.
* Decrease of ability of balance and coordination –> higher possibility of falling and injury.
* Rebounding develops balance, reflexes and coordination.
Rebounding stimulates your entire body:
Muscles and nerves are fully stimulated in an active relationship with the mind via the ocular nerves and inner ear canal.
- Digestive System
* Constipation – a common symptom for the elderly.
* Digestive system relies on contraction of muscles for transferring of food. When you get older, peristalsis becomes slow. Inadequate fluid intake, low amount of physical activity are common reasons.
* Rebounding enhances the contraction of muscles. Regular rebounding establishes a pattern of movements being delivered to the brain, which coordinates the digestive system to refresh peristalsis.
- Vision
* Rebounding strengthens eye muscles. Enhances the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and aqueous humour in the eyes (provides nutrition for lens and cornea) –> improves vision.
* While rebounding, eyes send signals to the brain and feedback about body’s position.
* Rebounding helps the growth of perception for children. Improves the ability of direction identification.
- Mind
* The elderly:
Decrease of level of Dopamine –> Feeling sad, depressed. Loss of ability of muscle control.
Reduce of Serotonin –> Anxious, uneasy, lonely, isolated.
* Physical activities increase secretion of Dopamine and Serotonin.
~ Relief of stress, relaxed, pleasant.
~ Eliminate depression.
~ Boost of self-confidence
~ Higher oxygen level in cells, maintain high efficiency level of brain.
- Body
* Rebounding burns calories, reduces fat.
All your muscles work. Particularly strengths your legs, thighs, stomach, hips.
- Pain
* Rebounding reliefs back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache and other pain symptoms caused by the lack of physical exercise.








































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An article written by Dr. DeWall J. Hildreth in USA, published on 20 December 2008 on GREEN VALLEY NEWS AND SUN, headlined: “Significance of physical, mental activity and degenerative diseases”, talking about the comprehensive advantages of vertical rebound exercises.

Have a read, to understand what your body needs.

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